Field & Stream

Grand Prismatic

As the evening rolled on and the shadows grew longer, we drove north through Yellowstone National Park. We were driving through the flat areas on the southern end void of any mountains and valleys. As we drove across a bridge we looked out and saw this river running through the flat field. At first glance we could picture bison, moose, elk, or even Native Americans emerging from the trees to get a drink or cross to the other side. Seeing this, I knew I needed a photo. In Yellowstone, there are many places to pull off to enjoy the surrounding views. This time, however, there were not any. We pulled off as soon as we could and it was probably about a mile from the stream crossing. I grabbed my gear and took off running back where we had come from. I had little time before the light was no longer enough to capture the mood. Once I got there I found the perfect spot to look upstream, took a wonderful photo and then layed down in the grass to catch my breath before I passed out. It was worth it.

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