The Great Frieze

Grand Prismatic

Kansas City's Liberty Memorial houses the National World War I Museum. This panorama is a compilation of some of the beauty steeped in honor and sacrafice that greets visitors to the Memorial.
~ At the top is The Great Frieze, located on the northern wall of the memorial. Spanning 488 feet and measuring 48 feet tall, it is one of the largest sculptures in the area. It depicts the progression of man from war to peace. Throughout the piece, the figures are rich in symbolism.
~ On both sides at the bottom of the panorama are the Assyrian Sphinxes. On the left is Memory who face east towards the battlefields of World War I shielding its eyes from the horrors the world saw in war. On the right is Future, facing westward and shielding its eyes from an unknown future.
~The second image from the left and the center image are commemorative bricks on the walkway to the memorial.
~The second image from the right on the bottom is of the metal gates at the end of the drive. On these gates is the silhouette of the soldiers heading home from war.

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